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People make babies during the holidays!

September is 40 weeks after Christmas and New Years and has the most birthdays of all the months. Hmmm… interesting!

I became a brand new mom in the month of September many years ago.

I reckon we all need to keep warm during the winter months. And the holidays make us jollier still.😉

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While September is ripe with babies, I am sure there are many good reasons (and good stories) for birthday’s all throughout the year!

New babies bring with them so much emotion into a home. Joy, exhaustion, rejoicing, and concern are gushing from every new mom. Concern for your little one and concern for yourself as you try to function without the sleep your body is accustom to.

New moms love baby stuff!

Who doesn’t, right? I had to have everything brand new. And I had to have anything and everything that might assist me in taking care of that perfect little human.

Infant seat for him to sit around in, CHECK. Infant swing for him to swing around in, CHECK. Bassinet for him to lay around in, CHECK. Convertible crib for him to lay around some more in, CHECK. Sling to carry him around in, CHECK. Cute car seat to drive him around in, CHECK (OK that one is kinda important.) Pack-N-Play for him to lay around in away from home, CHECK. Infant bath to… alright, you get the point.

I had it all and I was ready to go. Then he was born. Within the first few weeks, I learned that all I really needed, all he really wanted was my own two arms and my own two, well, you know…

He was a demanding little thing and there was no sitting around, or lying around, or even much driving around. Being carried and nursed was his preferred mode of living. I didn’t know at the time that I had a say in the matter, and frankly, I had all the time I desired to hold and nurse. Therefore, that’s just what we did!

With my second child, I was slightly less fickle.

I had a boy first, then a girl, consequently, I had to have everything girly the second time around. Only now, I knew that what a baby needed, what they used, and what would actually benefit me as a mom, was far less than all the super cool gizmos and gadgets that I just had to have the first time.

If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Having your first child is sacred. Becoming a new mom is a monumental time in a woman’s (and daddy’s) life. Every single baby product, piece of baby clothing, and bottle of baby shampoo was so special to me at the time. I loved this little person inside me and wanted to take the very best care of him I could and that meant providing everything I thought he needed. Each of those things that I had for him was a token of celebration and right of passage into motherhood.

It is sweet to see a first time mom (or anytime mom) all geeked out about her “baby’s stuff.” What she does and does not truly need will reveal itself in time. If she wants all the stuff with every single baby and has the means to get it, why not get it? Finally, baby stuff is fun because your baby is just so special!

Stuff a pregnant woman must have!

There are a few things that I wouldn’t want to go without during the first few years of a child’s life.

One of which is a ring sling.

My oldest didn’t like to be carried in a sling. With all my babies thereafter, I didn’t really give them a choice, they learned to like it! I didn’t have a ring sling my first time around and because of how successful it was for my #2, #3 and #4, I often wonder if #1 would have accepted it better than the “other” kind I tried.  My favorite recommendation for slings is this type. Click here to see it.

You may expect to see a swing on this post. You won’t find it… because of this sling. In a sling is where my babies spent their time. Upright and close to Momma!

What I love about this company is that they provide FREE instructions on how to make your own sling (that’s what I did. click here for instructions) They are super easy to follow, and work SO. GREAT. You don’t even have to buy anything from them. Just click on the free ring sling pattern link and viola. Insiders tip: if you decide to do this, the 2.5 inch rings sold at Tractor Supply work great. That is the only place I’ve been able to find them.

Another baby product that I wouldn’t go without is this Rock-N-Play Sleeper.

I only had this for my 4th child and wished I’d had it for all the others. It is designed for baby to sink down into it just enough to provide a bit of squeeze. That little squeeze helps with the wretched startle reflex that has them waking up every few minutes when they are disturbed. I would swaddle my baby’s arms up, put him in this thing, and he’d sleep for hours. Love it! Click here to get this sleeper.

Books are a new-moms best friend.

Yes, there’s a book for that!

A new mom loves to educate herself on her sweet new baby. This is a good thing.

Actually, I have two books that are certain to be a blessing for anyone with a new baby.

The first is an easy, make-you-smile-laugh-feel-encouraged read.

Baby Boot Camp is written as a daily read for the first six weeks of motherhood. I would read this book by moonlight while rocking my first born at 3 a.m. Click here to get this book.

And the 2nd?

The Complete Book of Baby and Child Care. I LOVE. THIS. BOOK. It is a all-inclusive, step-by-step, how-to, book for pre-birth through the teen years. As a result, I have used this book in the last 12 years as a reference more times than I can count. I go back to it again and again. Got a question? It most likely has the answer. The pages are bent, folded, worn and well read. It is quite simply a must have for parents. Click here to get this book.

Yup, that’s it!

A sling, a well engineered sleeper and a couple of books.

Those are the things I would want for my new baby if I couldn’t have anything else!

Suppose I CAN have some other stuff… what would those things be?

The Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump is the only breast pump you’ll ever need. I didn’t pump much, but mine lasted through 3 babies. Many working mothers wouldn’t make it through breast-feeding without this pump. Click here to get this pump.

These infant gowns are great for night time. No buttons or zippers to fool with. Click here to get these gowns.

Lastly, any time I received something monogrammed, like this, or this, for my baby, my heart sang. There is just something about seeing your baby’s name on a beautiful garment that melts a Momma. Those pieces were used while they were little and will now forever serve as keepsakes in their treasure boxes. Click here to get monogrammed gifts without driving all over town.

Shower the new baby and new mom in your life with affection. Get them some of the stuff they want. They’ll remember each and every thing, big and small, with sweet memories of their little baby’s first few years.

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