Hi. I’m Shelley.

Jesus lover, Epic Wife, Momma, “secretly-correcting-your-grammar-er,” lover of horses, wanna-be homesteader and Author at A Family Meeting Blog. On this blog, I make known the ideas I have, the experiences I live and the revelation I receive.
It brings me great joy to help moms teach their little kiddos good habits.
This blog is for you, if you would say:

“I love my little one to bits and I cannot raise the same child twice. The habits I teach today, require my best effort and they’ve gotta be good.”

How much time will you spend online today? Do your kids wake you up in the morning or do you wake them? Do those kids eat what you put in front of them at meal time or do they complain?

The answer to every one of these questions is a habit. Want different answers? Create new habits.

Creating habits is easiest and most effective during the first five years. In marriage and in parenting. Just typing that makes me dance a little jig…(for real)


A Family Meeting

Having a family meeting every Sunday afternoon is a good habit in our family. One we started when my first born was only a babe. Since then we have built a rock-solid home out of layers of good habits.

I’ve prayed, read, researched, coached other parents and am raising 4 kids. My experience is that creating really great habits in your marriage and parenting within the first five years will result in families that stay together, live peacefully and can overcome.

Teach good habits and teach them early.

💙my posse💗

A Family Meeting Blog parenting and marriage habits for peace at home
parenting and marriage habits for peace at home

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