Cleaning and Meal Planning. Made Easy.

Tools and Tips

Your house needs cleaning, your spouse needs attention and your kids need training. And everyone needs to eat. Your schedule consists of sporting activities, music lessons, volunteer commitments and much more. Since responsibilities can pile up, using lists as visual tools is a life saver. I simply can not keep everything organized in my head […]

Simple DIY TV Stand For The NON-DIYer!


Furniture is expensive. Make your own DIY TV Stand instead of spending money. Kids can be destructive. So why spend money on nice stuff knowing it will get scratched, dinged or broken? This is the reason I give for why I won’t spend our hard-earned cash on furniture. It’s more likely that I’m just cheap, […]

Debt story different from all the rest.

Family, Marriage

Wipe out debt. You’ve read the tales of huge amounts of debt being wiped out. Everyone loves these stories. The sacrifice and dedication it takes to pay off debt, amazes us. Ruth Soukup’s mega popular blog, Living Well Spending Less, was birthed out of a desire to pay off debt after getting fed up with her […]

Could it be possible to change all the things you don’t like about yourself?


Have you ever wished you could change just a few things about yourself? A little quieter. Softer. Sweeter. Friendlier. Or could it be that you wished you could change into someone else entirely? I have. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably thought these things about yourself. You just wish you weren’t so… you. How […]

Homemade Chili Seasoning


Affiliate and Privacy Disclosure I’m no fan of those little pre-packaged bags of seasonings. Gravy-mix packets, guacamole-packets, taco-seasoning packets, grill season packets, ranch dip packets, stir-fry seasoning packets… you get the point. One of the first things I saw right away when we radically changed our diet 5 years ago was that I needed my own […]

Quickest Easiest Crock Pot Chili


This recipe is the Chili I grew up eating. This was how my mom made Chili and I never knew anything fancier. As I’ve gotten older and my love for cooking and baking was realized, I have ventured out to create other, more complex Chili recipes. Affiliate and Privacy Disclosure Quick. Easy AND Tasty. Those […]

Yummy Breakfast Granola


  A box of cereal is just. so. easy. Mornings can be rushed and it’s often not the time to be spending a lot of brain power on what to feed your kids. We gave up box cereal years ago, (not to say that it hasn’t crept it’s way into my home a time or […]