Creation Museum Review. Is it worth the time and money?

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So, you know you want to go to the Creation Museum.

When it comes up in conversation with friends, you think to yourself, “ah yes, the Creation Museum, I need to get my family there!” Then as quickly as the thought entered your mind, it is gone.
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Dismissing a trip to the Creation Museum likely happens for a few reasons. It is expensive. Your family would have to take time off work. The museum is far away. Most importantly, there is not an ocean beach in Petersburg, KY, so why would you go there?!

Visiting the Creation Museum became a desire of mine in 2007, when it first opened. We had a one year old only child at the time. I thought taking him there would have been a meaningful trip for everyone. I would have been wrong. More on that later.

The Creation Museum has a lot to offer.

It is a 75,000 square foot museum containing many displays and information as well as a friendly staff.

Included in the price of an admission ticket are state-of-the-art carefully crafted displays, a petting zoo and  botanical gardens.  People visit the creation museum wanting to see the world from a completely created viewpoint. The creation museum delivers this divinely created viewpoint in every beautiful display.

Once inside the museum various options are given to customize your experience.

Are you a lover of astronomy like me? Make stopping by the planetarium a priority. Want to learn more about animals or dinosaurs or creation science? Several workshops and presentations providing specific information on many topics, are offered every day. Thrill seekers can take a ride on the zip lines. Dining is available with a cafe, pizza, sweets and coffee offered within the Creation Museum.

The Creation Museum attracts a diverse group of patrons.

Families are in abundance within the crowds. Tourists from foreign lands are also among the visitors. Believers from varying walks of life vacation at the museum. All with the same heart. To see the written and visual account of a God-created world.

Let’s go over some basic pros and cons before I tell you what my museum favorites were.

Creation Museum Pros:

  • Every tiny detail within the museum is presented from this viewpoint:
    The world was divinely created. Period.
  • Available to you are answers to questions (The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years) you’ve always wanted to ask.
  • Families abound at the Creation Museum. Active children, baby strollers, and all things family are welcome and expected.
  • You’ll be in the company of like-minded people. Making it a comfortable atmosphere.
  • There is enough information in the Creation Museum to keep you reading and taking notes for days!
  • The Ark exhibit is just(?) 45 minutes away.
  • The petting zoo was hands-on! Visitors are allowed to feed and interact with some of the animals.
  • The bookstore was extensive. My daughter was able to bring home a quality souvenir for only $2.00.
  • Cincinnati is a mere 30 minutes away. The hotel we stayed in during our trip was in Cincinnati. We were surprised at what a lovely town it is and the family friendly attractions it has to offer.


Creation Museum Cons:

  • Many of the extra things to do cost… extra.
  • The displays are mostly replicas. Since the creation museum is relatively new, it’s the museums that have been around for years that have the majority of authentic fossils, etc.
  • The Ark exhibit is 45 minutes away! (see what I did there)

Shelley’s museum favorites:

Dinosaurs are a hot topic.

We have been taught, without a second thought, throughout our whole lives, that dinosaurs roamed the earth long before mankind. Without a doubt, one of my top two favorite things about the Creation Museum was all the information about dinosaurs. Not information about the dinos themselves, although there is a lot of that. No, I am talking valid, concrete evidence that dinosaurs and man were indeed on the earth at the same time. And have not been gone from the earth nearly as long as we have been taught.

Created world timeline and bible history.

It is easier for me to learn something if I can see it. This is true for most people. When I consider the history of the world, I have often wished I could see a giant timeline of when and how each civilization came to be. The Creation Museum has that! A giant timeline from Creation to present day. (all you home-school moms just got a little bit excited at the idea of a giant timeline posted on the wall!) In addition to the creation-to-now timeline, the museum has more bible history and artifacts than I can discuss in one review post. The Creation Museum is largely centered around apologetics and giving evidence of creation however, Jesus is sure to be found in the museum. Much time and care is put into presenting the truth of the gospels.

What is it going to take for you to get to the museum?

It is likely going to take some time for you to get to the museum.

Located in Petersburg, KY, the museum is going to take you 5 hours of travel if you’re in middle Tennessee, 9 hours if you’re near the Kansas City, MO area, 4.5 hours of travel when coming from the Detroit, MI area, and 7 hours when coming from the greater Atlanta, GA area. Anywhere farther than that and you’ll likely want to take an airplane!

Money is also necessary to visit the Creation Museum.

Cost of add-ons was one of my least favorite things about the museum. This isn’t unique to the Creation Museum. Most attractions charge a price for admission, then more for special things to do. Knowing that a great number of the visitors to the Creation Museum are families, I would be pleased to see them start including more “things to do” with the cost of admission.

See the cost of admission below.

Keep in mind, this only gets you inside the museum. Once inside you’ll need to decide what features are important enough for you to spend extra money on:
Museum General Admission   Museum + Ark Combo*   Unlimited 7-Day Combo*     Annual Pass*
Adult $30                                   $60                                    $99                                        $175
Senior (age 60+) $24                $45                                   $99                                         $175
Children (ages 5–12) $16        $34                                   $99                                          $175
Children (under age 5)FREE  FREE                               FREE                                        FREE

Tickets may be purchased online or upon arrival for the same price. When buying online, your tickets will be emailed to you for printing prior to your arrival.

* Combo includes admission to both Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter (only 45 minutes from the museum).


Earlier I mentioned that while I wanted to take the whole family to the Creation Museum when my oldest child was a baby, it would not have been a good idea.

Let me explain.

I loved visiting the Creation Museum! I was filled with what I call “faith builders.” There is so much information available at the museum. SO MUCH. Babies don’t really care much about information. Taking my small family in 2007 may have been informative for my husband and myself, but it would have also been expensive and time consuming.

Time and money were something we didn’t have a lot of back then. So although it may have been gratifying for myself, it would not have been enjoyable for the whole family.

Often times lack of funds trumps desire when it comes to actually taking the trip to the museum.

There is an alternative.

Ken Hamm is the founder of the Creation Museum, he is also the founder of Answers in Genesis, an apologetics ministry dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith. AiG provides resources galore to believers who want their questions answered. If you find yourself wanting to visit the museum, but unable to gather the funds, start by purchasing some apologetics materials instead. This is a great way to study the world from a creation viewpoint without shelling out the money to visit the Creation Museum itself. Purchase excellent resources from the Answers in Genesis Bookstore

Perhaps you know you would like to visit the museum.

You just have to figure out how to make it happen. Doing some “rough math” (keep in mind, writing is my talent, not math) I figured that a 4 day trip to Petersburg, KY, for a family of 4, including a day at the Creation Museum could be accomplished with $1000-$1500, depending on how frugal you want to get. Saving $28 a week would get you there in a year. Or roughly $14 a week and you’d be there in two years.

It’s a trip worth saving for. My family thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We bonded over discussions on the truths we’d learned. The children gained knowledge that I did not have to give. We will definitely be going back for another visit to the Creation Museum!


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