Attention parents who can not see the floor of their kids room:

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Wish you didn’t have to to it all by yourself?
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I know the struggle to keep the house clean, keep your spouse happy, cook meals, all while trying to raise children who act like good kids and not crazy, entitled turkeys. I get it! Fill out the form below for resources I made… just for moms like us!

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“A house full of teenagers, a working mom, a disabled dad, and frankly we just all gave up on the house. It was always a mess and it depressed me! I printed off your house cleaning schedule. We are one week into it and I am happy to report I have a clean house!! No one has complained about the shared work and maintaining is easier. Thank you for making something so simple but so life changing!!

~ Stacey, TN (mother of 3 teenagers)

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p.s. I believe in the power of organization and I believe in you. “Do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you always got.”
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