How much praise is too much praise?


Do you ever long for a pat-on-the-back? Someone to tell you you’re doing a good job? You don’t need a bunch of praise. Just to know that your efforts are appreciated and maybe even good. If you said no, you are lying. People need affirmation. Kids need affirmation. We need another human to speak the […]

Modeling Honest and Forgiving Qualities.


When was the last time you lied to your spouse? About anything? How about forgave them when they didn’t deserve it? The answer to that begs the question; are we modeling honest actions and forgiving qualities we want to see from our children? On the surface these seem like such common sense questions. Modeling honest […]

Fear and Your Child. What Can You Do?


No parent wants their baby to have fear. Christian parents teach their children about faith. We instruct them to believe in the unseen and often inexplicable. Sharing our thoughts and feelings and even our testimony is common practice. We train them with scripture and show them God’s love by giving mercy and grace (best we […]